To The Right - ©2018 by Josh Moyer, All Rights Reserved

This is my treatise to certian members of The Right, calling them to account on several ways in which they contradict themselves and demonstrate what I consider to be moral and spiritual weakness or laziness.

I may add additional sections later (I have a few in mind), but this will do for now.


As a 10-year vegetarian, I am personally opposed to the killing of animals. The commandment tells us that we should not kill. Yet instead of liberally interpreting that commadment in order to realize its maximum spiritual benefit, many people choose a narrow, morally comfortable and often inherited interpretation that doesn't require them to look closely at how some of their values may be out of sync with each other. Please think about this the next time that you are eating a chicken or a cow -- they had a life too. Do unto others, as they say.

And keep this in-mind: while you may personally be responsible for the saving of a small handfull of unborn fetuses -- which is genuinely great -- you are also personally responsible for the killing of a practically innumerable quantity of innocent animals. Why is your care and compassion exclusive to humanity? Don't all of God's child beings deserve it?

Hell and Christ and God's Love

You talk of the limitless power of God and Jesus and how full of Love they are, yet you believe in Hell and damnation and Evil and a fiery apocalypse. Where is your faith?

Food Stamps

News Headline: Wealthiest nation's Christians too greedy to give away free food because they are concerned about laziness, while people in genuine need go hungry. What about the spirit of giving and abundance as represented by American traditions such as Thanksgiving?


You talk of Freedom, how much you adore it and how important your American vaules are to you, yet you enslave and abuse the sovereign rights of the newborn with your baptismals and circumcisions and trample all over their Constitutional right to freedom of religion in the process.


You worship Christ, whose central teaching very well may have been that we should love and care for each other and who also said nothing about homosexuality. Yet you choose to elevate over His Word a few largely Old Testament prohibitions against homosexuality in the name of your faith. When your time to meet Him comes, how do you think He will feel about your betrayal of His teachings? How should He treat you in light of the way you treated others?


Christ also spoke of the importance of caring for the sick. Yet you refuse to accept the notion that we have a moral obligation to provide healthcare to all in the name of an irrational anti-socialist bias and because it's too expensive and because it gives the government too much control (both of which are highly debateable.) Do you know anyone that is actually on Medicare? What is your loyalty to? What are your priorities? How much should Christ spend spiritually to forgive you for your callousness and greed?